World Heritage Tour

The crew's personal favourite

Sail and explore Geiranger and the surrounding area

This tour is our absolute favorite. This is an area that we keep returning to, and we never get enough of the magnificent nature experiences here, and all the things the area has to offer. We would love to share it with you. We sail in the idyllic fjords in the North West area and get to see and explore some of the most beautiful things Norway has to offer. It is so beautiful here that even the fjord chose to stop here 😉 

Geiranger is a main goal of the trip. The deep, blue Geirangerfjorden is on the UNESCOs World Heritage list, and is surrounded by a fairytale landscape wich consists of majestic snow covered mountain peaks, beautiful, wild waterfalls and green, lush vegetation. The bright blue fjord is called the crown jewel of Norwegian fjords. When we sail into the fjord, we get close to the wonderful nature along the way. We come close to, among other things, the waterfall De Sju Søstre and Friaren, and you se the old farm Skageflå wich clings to the mountainside. A hike over Skageflå is the most beautiful hike in Geiranger.

We live and sleep at the boat. The beds are ready for you with linen, good pillows, duvets and blanket. You sleep in double cabins, each with shower and toilet. The bathroom is equipped with towels, handsoap, shower gel and shampoo. And, if necessary, we have washing machine on board if you need to wash clothes during the trip.

We serve tasteful local food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks, tea, water and juice included. We also have a coffee machine with hole coffee beans on board, so you can start every day with fresh coffee while you enjoy the sunrise and the beautiful surroundings. Lunch and dinners at local places described in day by day program is also included.

Season from late May to August. If you want more days then planned itinerary, please contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. 

Some highlights from the adventure

Ohhh where to start 🙂 There is sooo many highlights on this trip, they actually stand in line. To mention a few;
  • Geiranger village
  • Flydalsjuvet
  • Ørnesvingene
  • Dinner at Christian Gard Bygdetun
  • Kayak
  • Rafting
  • Hike Skageflå
  • De Syv Søstre, Brudesløret og Friaren
  • Storsæterfossen
  • Trollstigen
  • Nordangsdalen
  • Rampestreken
  • Dalsnibba
    – so yes, easy to understand why this trip is our absloute favorite

For the hikes you need good hiking shoes, a backpack for extra clothes, water, snacks, sunscreen etc. We will send a complete packing list well in advance of departure. As a guest at Dreamcatcher, the only thing you have to think about is to meet up, and we`ll take care of everything else so your holiday will be awesome. We want you to relax from everyday life, enjoy the fresh Norwegian air in scenic surroundings, enjoy good food, and create magical moments and lifelong memories on board Dreamcatcher. Together with Dreamcatcher Adventure`s crew you are in good hands, and we will do our best to make your holiday unforgettable.

Create magical, unforgettable moments

Waterfall in Geiranger
Photo: @unnida
Steps up to Rampestreken
Photo: @unnida
Photo: @unnida

Adventure program and itinerary

We recommend: Take the Golden Train to Åndalsnes. It takes you on a journey on the Rauma Railway, awarded the most scenic train journey in Europe by Lonley Planet. The trip start at Dombås Station in Gudbrandsdalen. To get there you can either go from Trondheim or Oslo with Dovre Railway and change to Rauma Railway in Dombås. We also recommend that you stay for two nights in Åndalsnes. In that way you can use the day before meeting day to take the hike Romsdalseggen. This is one of the most spectacular hikes you ever will explore. You have to see it to belive it. If you want to challenge yourself even more: climb Via Ferrata. You can rent equipment at Tindesenteret in Åndalsnes. Its also possible with guided tour:

If you dont go for the train option: the trip starts and ends in Aalesund or Molde. There are direct flights from Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen and Amsterdam to Vigra Airport Aalesund. We recommend: if you arrive Aalesund that you have at least one night here before you leave, so you also can explore this beautiful city before go back home. The program below is an overview of what the tour might look like. 

Day 1 - Meeting day - Rampestreken and Trollstigen

We pick you up with van in Ålesund or Molde. We recommend that you arrive the day before meeting day, so we pick you up after breakfast. That means we get more time to explore the fantastic area we pass on our way to the boat. We drive to Aandalsnes, the place with some of the wildest and most iconic natural landscapes in Norway. We take Norways longest skylift, Romsdalen Gondola, from the bottom of the fjord to the top. At the top we eat lunch in the restaurant who is located here, 708 m.a.s.l., while enjoying spectacular mountain views in every directions. In Andalsnes you also can visit Rampestreken – who is a viewpoint – a 20 meter long steel ramp, with the last 8 meters extendings straight into the air, offering the best view of “the capital of the mountains”, 537 m.a.s.l. 

To reach Rampestreken, you can either walk down the mountain trail from the top, about 15 min., or hike the mountain trail via Romsdalstrappa, about 1.5 hours. This is one of the most popular hikes in Aandalsnes. 

The tour continues to the magic Trollstigen, who is an impressiv mountain pass that twist through eleven hairpin bends up to the steep mountain sides in Romsdalen valley. We stop at the visitor center at the top and the outstanding viewpoint built up here, before we drive through the beautiful valley down to village of Valldal, where the boat is waiting for us. Dinner on board and we stay the night in Valldal

Day 2 - Valldal - Kayaking or Rafting

The strawberry village Valldal is not only known for its sweet berries, but also as the adventure valley with a lot of activities the whole year through. We spend the day here, and you can choose to: 1.Relax at the boat and explore the nice village. 2. Go for some rafting in the river Valldøla. A fresh and action-packed nature experience in beautiful surroundings. Its fits the vast majority of people, whether you are beginner or have tried rafting before. 3.Guided kayak tour with Uteguiden at the stunning Norddalsfjord. A unique area with waterfalls, idyllic traditional, mountain farms and a quiet fjord sheltered from bigger boats and cruiseships. With guided tours you have a lot of time to take photos and enjoy the stunning scenery, when the guide share his local knowledge about the nature, culture and history, and make sure yoy can relax and enjoy the tour. If you are lucky, there is posibilities to see both porpoise and eagle. Uteguiden offer, among other things, family tour 3h, fjord paddle 4h, kayak and hike to Vikasætra 5-6h. Just let us know. 

After exploring Valldal we set sail to Hellesylt where we spend the night. 

Day 3 - Nordangsdalen - Spectacular sceneries

After a good breakfast, the van will pick you up for a trip trough Nordangsdalen. This is one of the narrowest valleys in Norway, rich in both spectacular sceneries as well as cultural memories. You visit the lake know as Lygnstøylvatnet. It was formed by a rock fall from Keipen in 1908, who dammed up the river to leave an old farm under water. Beneath the water of the lake, you can still see remains of the old road, the foundations of the farmhouse and the gateway. We also visit Urasetra who is built into the ground to provide shelter from landslides. We take a coffe stop at Hotel Union Øye, a swiss-style wooden hotel. The hotel has in generations been an attractive destination for royalty, writers and lovers. After a stop here we drive to Trandal, you will be picked up by boat by the host at Christian Gaard Bygdetun, and we eat dinner at this remarkable place. After dinner we return to our own boat, relax and stay for the night. 

Day 4 - Geiranger - Hike Skageflå 250 m.a.s.l

We sail into the fjord towards Geiranger. We pass De Syv Søstre, before we cross the  fjord to the foot of the mountain, Skagehola. Here you jump ashore and embark on the path thats creeps up the mountainside. The terrain is steep, but on the most exposed parts, steps have been carved into the rock, and the path is secured with railings. It takes about 45 min up to Skageflå and 2-3 our further to Homlong. You pass great viewpoints along the way,  and up on the old farm Skageflå there is a majestic view of the fjord and the waterfall De Sju Søstre. The path continues on to Homlongsetra, 544 m.a.s.l. an on to Geiranger, where the boat is waiting for you. After a nice warm shower the chef serve dinner on board. After the dinner it`s nice to stroll around in the city centre and maybe have a few drinks before night falls. 

Day 5 - Explore more of Geiranger

We start the day with a wonderful and beautiful hike to Storsæterfossen. This is an easy and pleasant hike which has a good pathing, natural steps and easy to follow. At the top it gives the unique opportunity to go under the waterfall Storsæterfossen. We eat lunch at Westeraas Gard, wich is located on a mountain shelf, 320 m.a.s.l, with spectacular view over the Gerirangerfjord and the surrounding mountains.               

After lunch we continue to Dalsnibba for the highest and perhaps most stunning of the many stunning views of the Geiranger valley, snow-covered mountains and fjord. This mountain top is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the West Norwegian Fjords, and is Europe`s highest fjord view by road at 1500 m.a.s.l. On our way back to the boat we stop at Flydalsjuvet. This place offers an impressive view of Geiranger as well, and is an excellent point for photography. Some of Norway`s most popular travel photo are taken here. We also recommend waterfall hiking Fosseråsa. This hike take you 327 steps, plateaus and viewpoints up to Norwegian Fjord Center. The combination of exiting architecture close to the roaring waterfall is an experience you won`t soon forget. 

Back to the boat the chef serve dinner and we stay the night in Geiranger. 

Day 6 - The Eagles`s Bend or Fjord Cruise

We have already reached the last day of this beautiful adventure, and it`s time to go back home with loaded memory bank. After a nice breakfast we sail back to Valldal, where the van is waiting to take you further back to the meeting point. It`s also possible to go with the van from Geiranger to Valldal. The van follow the road from Geiranger along the fjord before setting off up the exiting Ørnevegen and through hairpin turns towards Ørnesvingen (The Eagle`s Bend). Here you can have a last view of the fjord, the mountain farms and the magnificent waterfalls before the van continues over the mountain and through the beautiful valley Eidsdal and towards Valldal. We eat lunch in Valldal, and we will be back to the meetingpoint no later than 16:00 so you will catch the plain back home.

Amazing places we'll visit


This mountain pass full of hairpin bends is only open in the summer months, making it a perfect addition to a summer trip. On the top it`s built a visitor center and outstanding viewpoints. Trollstigen is surrounded by mighty mountains and the road links Åndalsnes with Valldal and Geiranger. 

Dinner at Christian Gard Bygdetun
Christian Gaard is a super cozy farm crammed to the hillside. It’s here we find peace and unity glazed with astonishing views towards the pointed peaks that rises straight up from the fjord. A view you can admire in eternity. At the farm we grab some homemade burger based on local dear, accompanied with brew and a remarkable atmosphere.

Valldal is the 30-kilometre-long beautiful valley going from the fjord in the south to the famous Trollstigen in the north. It is an fertile valley known for strawberries and fruit, surrounded by alpine mountains. Valldal is also know as The Adventure Valley with activites throughout the year. A cozy little place to troll around, and you have to taste the sweet strawberry. 


Once upon a time there was a place with majestic, snow-capped mountain peaks,  cascading waterfalls and lush green valley sides…. but it`s actually not just a fairy tale. This is the reality in Geiranger. So much to see and explore here. The steep mountain sides surrounds Geiranger and the fjord and provides fantastic view points. The center consist of boathouses and old wooden houses with several cozy restaurants, cafes and small outlets. 


Skageflå is a vacated mountain farm located on a mountain shelf 250 m.a.s.l. Geirangerfjorden with view to the waterfall De Syv Søstre and the mountain farm Knivsflå on the other side of the fjord. Along the path there are severale marked cultural monuments. The hike to Skageflå is a great walk in the heart of the only area in Norway which is on the UNESCO`s  World Heritage list. Explore the fjord, beautiful waterfalls, old mountain houses, exiting trails – in short, the best of both nature and culture. 


Nordangsdalen is one of the narrowest valleys in Norway, rich in both spectacular sceneries as well as cultural memories. The valley bears the scars of the battle against the forces of nature. Beautiful summer mountains pastures in picturesque surroundings at Urasetra. Not to mention Lyngstøylsvatnet with its hidden secret right below the surface.  


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