Sail Adventure Family
in fjords of Norway

The ultimate active family vacation for the nature & adventure lovers!

Imagine a vacation where you can combine sailing with a mix of sports activities from day to day, which is suitable for your whole family. Together with Uteguiden, we have handcrafted an exciting holiday adventure for your family that contains sailing, hikes, kayaking/rafting a visit in Valldal Activitypark, all on the same trip. You live on board our catamaran Dreamcatcher, and we sail around the stunning fjords of Norway and do new activities every day. 6 days on board and five days with action – all woven togheter to give you and your family an unforgettable vacation. Brace yourself for new, thrilling adventures with professional guides, all framed by the stunning Norwegian fjords and mountains, on board our beautiful sailboat. 

Tailor made trips: All trips can be customized. If you want more days of adventures or other dates, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes!

Highlights and memories for life


This valley is rich on both nature – and culture experiences. It is a quiet valley far away from your daily life, and it`s one of the narrowest valleys in Norway. Urasetra is built into the ground to provide shelter from landslides. 

Family Rafting

The river in Valldal is perfect for rafting, and promise you a thrilling nature experience in stunning surroundings. The family rafting is a safe and great trip to experience the adventure valley Valldal. 

Valldal Activity park

The park is idyllically located in an area along the river in Valldal. There are climbing trails with different height and degrees of difficulty, zip-lines, bounchy castle and other activities for the little ones. 

Christian Gaard Bygdetun

This is a super cozy farm crammed to the hillside. Here you find peace and unity glazed with astonishing views towards the pointed peaks that rises straight up from the fjord. 


Photo: @hovlanda

Norways favourite swing

On these spectacular wooden swing you can almost dangle your legs over the fjord at Christian Gaard Bygdetun. At the farm we grab some homemade burger based on local dear, accompanied with the remarkable atmosphere and view. 

Photo: @idacharleen


Experience on of Norway`s premier tourist road icon! This dramatic mountain pass full of hairpin bends is really thrilling. On the top it`s built a visitor center and outstanding viewpoints.

                                                           Photo: @nivesaether

Adventure program and itinerary

We recommend: Take the Golden Train to Åndalsnes. It takes you on a journey on the Rauma Railway, awarded the most scenic train journey in Europe by Lonley Planet. The trip start at Dombås Station in Gudbrandsdalen. To get there you can either go from Trondheim or Oslo with Dovre Railway and change to Rauma Railway in Dombås. 

If you dont go for the train option: the trip starts and ends in Aalesund or Molde. There are direct flights from Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen and Amsterdam to Vigra Airport Aalesund. We recommend that if you arrive Aalesund that you have at least one night here before you leave, so you also can explore this beautiful city before go back home. The program below is an overview of what the tour might look like

Day 1 Meeting day, Rampestreken and Trollstigen

We pick you up in Aalesund, Molde or Aandalsnes after breakfast. This day will be filled with a fantastic hike surrounded by spectacular mountain and fjord views, crazy roads and wild rivers. We start with a hike up to Rampestreken – one of Norways rawest view points – a 20 meter long steel ramp, with the last 8 meters extendings straight into the air. We climb further up to Nesaksla, where we grab lunch at Eggen Restaurant, with majestic view in all directions. The hike back goes the same way that you hike up, or you can take the Romsdal Gondola down and enjoy the surroundings while hovering 100 meters over the ground. If you prefer; you can also take the Gondola up, and hike back down to the city, and pass Rampestreken on the way down. 

The tour continue to Trollstigen,  an impressiv mountain pass that twist through eleven hairpin bends up the steep mountainsides in Romsdalen. We stop at the visitor center at the top and the outstanding view point built up here. We also take several stops while we drive through the beautiful valley down to village of Valldal, where we pass wild rivers and other nice things to see. In Valldal the boat is waiting for us. Dinner will be served on board an we stay the night here. 


Day 2 Rafting/Kaykaing, Activity Park in Valldal

Today`s activities are flexible, depending on the water level in the river. Valldøla is perfect for rafting, and it`s surrounded by beautiful natur, high mountains and strawberry fields. Half way we take a break along the river bank, and enjoy a small local delicacy. 

Alternatively: guided kayak tour at the stunnig Norddalsfjord. A unique area with waterfalls, idyllic, traditional mountain farms in this quiet fjord sheltered from big boats and cruise ships. The family kayak tour takes about 3 hours. 

After the rafting or kayaking, we go to the Activity Park, spend some time here before we enjoy the evening at the boat.  

Day 3 Visit Nordangsdalen and Trandal

This day we take the van and go for a trip trough Nordangsdalen. This is one of the narrowest valleys in Norway, rich in both spectacular sceneries as well as cultural memories. You visit the lake Lygnstøylvatnet. It was formed by a rock fall from Keipen in 1908, who dammed up the river and leave an old farm under water. Beneath the water surface, you can still see remains of the old road, the foundations of the farmhouse and the gateway. We also visit Urasetra who is built into the ground to provide shelter from landslides. We take a coffe stop at fameous Hotel Union Øye, a swiss-style wooden hotel. The hotel has in generations been an attractive destination for royalty, writers and lovers. After the stop here we drive to Trandal, you will be picked up by boat by the host at Christian Gaard Bygdetun, and we eat dinner at this remarkable place. After dinner we return to our own boat, relax and stay for the night

Day 4 Hike Geiranger

After breakfast we sail into the fjord towards Geiranger. We pass the waterfall De Syv Søstre, before we cross the  fjord to the foot of the mountain, Skagehola. Here you jump ashore and embark on the path thats creeps up the mountainside. The terrain is steep, but on the most exposed parts, steps have been carved into the rock, and the path is secured with railings. You pass great viewpoints along the way,  and up on the old farm Skageflå there is a majestic view of the fjord and the waterfall De Sju Søstre. The path continues on to Homlongsetra, an on to Geiranger, where the boat is waiting for you. After a nice warm shower the chef serve dinner on board. After the dinner it`s nice to stroll around in the city centre and maybe have a few drinks before night. 

Day 5 Explore more of Geiranger

Today we go for a unique and spectacular water fall hike, who gives you amazing view to step mountains, powerful water falls and the beautiful Geriangerfjorden. This is an easy and pleasant hike which has a good pathing, natural steps and easy to follow. The hike start with the fjord, and take you 327 steps, plateaus and view points to Norwegian Fjord center. We take a stop here to learn more about the UNESCOs World Heritage and some local history. The combination of exciting architecture close to the roaring sound from the water fall is an experience you won`t soon forget. We follow the path up to Westerås Farm and further to Storseterfossen. The 30 meter high water fall stands in an arc out of the mountain so you can walk under and behind it. We eat lunch at Westeraas Farm, Norways steepest serving with a spectacular view. On our way back to the boat we stop at Flydalsjuvet. This place offers an impressive view of Geiranger as well, and is an excellent point for photography. Some of Norway`s most popular travel photo are taken here.We spend the night in Geiranger, and go for dinner in one of the city`s cosy restaurants.  

Day 6 The end… or did you guys want some more 😉

We start the day with breakfast, before we set sail out the beautiful Geirangerfjorden towards Valldal, and further with van so you catch your plain or train back home. We hope you had a pleasant holiday with us, and enjoy every moment of it, and go back home with loaded memorybank. If you want more activities or want to visit other places before you go home, we are happy to help you.

Useful information

What you need / packing list:

  • Hike: light hiking clothes, wind- and water proof jacket, hiking boots, fleece or wool-sweater, hat and gloves if it`s cold, backpack 10-20 l., waterbottle. Sequrity equipment is included.  
  • Rafting: wool long-sleeved top and bottom, and wool socks, to keep you warm under the wet suit. Preferably also a thin hat and buff. All necessary equipment is included as wet suit, wet jacket, shoes, life jacket and helmet. 
  • Kayak: vind- and waterproof jacket, wool/fleece-sweater, hat and gloves on cold days, caps, sunglasses and sunscreen is recommended on sunny days. All necessary equipment is included as kayak equipment, wet suit if necessary and life jacket. 
  • What is not included: flights to and from Aalesund/Molde, possible accommodation before/after sailing, alcohol and other personal needs. We accept alcohol in moderation. 

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