The Sunnmøre Alps in Norway

The Sunnmore Alps in Norway

Our adventures begin in Aalesund, a picturesque seaside town celebrated for its exquisite Art Nouveau architecture. The surrounding Sunnmøre Alps, sculpted by glacial movements over millennia, boast breathtaking peaks, narrow valleys, and dramatic slopes that descend into the deep fjords.

The Sunnmøre Alps stand out due to their sharp, jagged peaks juxtaposed against the nearby sea, creating a striking visual contrast between the snow-capped summits and the deep blue fjord waters. This dramatic landscape epitomizes the natural splendor of Norway.

Among Norway’s most distinguished fjords is Hjørundfjord, nestled within one of the country’s most rugged, untamed, and beautiful mountain regions. This fjord provides a stunning backdrop for our hiking and ski and sail adventures, with views of the steep blue fjord and snow-covered mountains promising unforgettable memories.

The Sunnmøre Alps are renowned for their numerous natural slopes, offering diverse options for skiers. Many of the most stunning spots are accessible only by boat, which is why sailing is an integral part of our trips. The area experiences heavy snowfall in the winter, ensuring excellent conditions for winter sports. Our experienced local guides, familiar with the mountains and weather patterns, always prioritize safety by selecting the best route each day.

In summary, the Sunnmøre Alps in Norway offer a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts, providing an unforgettable journey through majestic mountains, deep fjords, and breathtaking natural beauty.

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Popular mountain destinations include:

  • Maudeggja: 1021 meters above sea level
  • Randers Topp: 1414 meters above sea level
  • Fingeren: 1198 meters above sea level
  • Blæja: 1143 meters above sea level
  • Slogen: 1564 meters above sea level
  • Norde Sætretind: 1365 meters above sea level
  • Kviteggja: 1717 meters above sea level
  • Skaarasalen: 1542 meters above sea level
  • Dukhornet: 1412 meters above sea level
  • Slogen: 1564 meters above sea level
  • Hornindalsrokken: 1529 meters above sea level
  • Kolaastinden: 1532 meters above sea level